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Client Stories



It's a scary thing to pick up the phone and say you have debt problems, but most people feel huge relief when they do.

“We were so ashamed of our debt problems that we avoided telling people. Trying to live life normally and pretend that everything was ok was very difficult. Debt advice just changed the way we dealt with it. Getting rid of the shame. We are only sorry it took us so long.”

Why we can help



Nearly half of people in debt tell us they aren’t sure about the best way to pay off their debts, and that is where a debt adviser can really help you.

More than eight out of ten people who have got debt advice tell us they feel less stressed or anxious and more in control of their life again.

About the service


Our advice is completely free and we want to help no matter what debt you have. We don't judge anyone and everything you tell us we keep in complete confidence.

A debt adviser will


  • Treat everything you say in confidence
  • Give advice about better ways of managing your money
  • Never judge you or make you feel bad about your situation
  • Suggest ways of dealing with debts that you might not know about
  • Always be happy to talk to you, however small or big your problem 
  • Check you have applied for all the benefits and entitlements available to you

When and Where


We meet twice in a week Tuesday evenings from 6 - 9pm and on Wednesday mornings from 9 - 1pm.

Please contact us to make an appointment. You may email or phone 01225 777865

Mobile  07884952696 


A lot more detail


If you would like to read a lot more about the different options that we might offer please download our pdf 

Debt Options

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